Saturday, September 20, 2008

Money Market Investments To Be Insured by Fed

Is your retirement savings in Money Market Mutual Funds? Does your investment company participate in the U.S. Treasury's program? Perhaps it is time to contact them and find out.

Some retirement plans are NOT insured by the FDIC. But the U.S. Treasury announced Friday it would insure up to $50 billion in money-market mutual fund investments at financial companies that pay a fee to participate in the program. The initiative, which lasts for a year, will guarantee that the funds' value does not fall below the standard $1 a share.

Money Market Funds (not to be confused with Money Market Bank Accounts) are a form of Mutual Fund Investment and are typically a safe retirement investment popular with American consumers and companies alike, but scared consumers have cashed out these investments and these redemptions has severely strained fund families and global financial markets.

To get more information about Money Market Mutual Funds and the bail out read Friday's article from the CNN Website: